What Is An Induction Cooktop

What Is An Induction Cooktop

So, what is an induction cooktop ? The induction cooktop is a piece of equipment that is used by many home cooks and professional chefs. I have used a range of induction cooking appliances. The induction cooktop can be either portable or fixed in a work surface top.

The portable induction cooktops are great for using for event caterers or a street food business. The cooktop can be easily plugged into a mains supply and it is ready to go. The portable cooktop can be either a single or double hob for the cooking of food.

Top Advantages Of An Induction Cooktop

With induction cooking the speed of the heating up of the pans or pots can be very fast. It can take a little experience to get on top of the control settings of the cooker. Getting used to the right temperature setting for your own cooking is essential. With the heating up being so rapid it can be easy to cook foods very quickly, boiling water for pasta will become a lot faster.

The induction cooktops can also be fitted into surfaces in professional and home kitchens. Many professional kitchens are having the induction cooktops fitted when updating the kitchen equipment. Kitchens have used mostly gas cooking appliances and the induction appliances are steadily taking over from the gas ones. This has a number of pros and cons one con being the time it takes to  learn induction cooking. Many chefs have trained for a longtime using gas  and the switch over to an induction cooking system can take a little time to get used to.

Should I Use Gas Or Induction Cooking Methods

I have found that many foods are better cooked on gas and others with induction. For example, boiling water or other liquids such as a stock can be controlled a lot better on an induction cooktop. The pan frying of scallops another example, as the pan holds the temperature consistently on induction.

With induction cooking there is no loss of heat in the environment. The heat is directly applied to the cooking pot or pan. Also I have worked in kitches that have undegone a transformation from a gas kitchen to an induction kitchen. One big difference in the kitchen was….. it was cold!! With no heat being lost from the heating of the appliances the kitchen went from a moderately hot kitchen to a cold one to work in. ( Great in the summer, however in the winter!!).

The Equipment Used On An Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops will only work with a certain material, as the cooking method works on magnetism. To check the pot or pan is suitable for an induction cooktop and is suitable induction cookware just hold a magnet against the base. And if the magnet sticks its good if not it will not work. Another consideration to make is the size of pot or pan. The base needs to be around the same size as the induction cooktop, too big and it will not work.

A Guide To The Science Behind An Induction Cooktop

In this video we take a look at the science behind the induction cooktop. And also have some advice and tips on how to use induction to get a great result.