The Induction Stove Equipment

The induction stove is very similar to an induction cooktop. And there is a range of equipment that can be used on the stove. In addition to the pots and pans.

A Reversable Griddle

A reversable griddle is used to griddle vegetables for example. And this is where the black stripes come from on certain cooked foods. Such as, peppers or asparagus. In addition, these griddles have a flat side that can be used and work well on an induction stove top.

An Induction Kettle

There are a range of kettles that can be used on a stove top. And these include a whistling kettle or a standard style option available.

Pot Steamers

This style of steamer is a pot that has lots of holes in the bottom that fits on top of a pan of boiling water. Therefore, the food sits in the pot with holes in the base getting steam cooked.

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