The Induction Range Cookers

Induction range cookers are great in fitted or semi fitted home kitchens. With a broad range of styles and prices to suit anyones tastes, from a basic cooker to cookers suitable for luxury kitchen designs. Similar to an induction oven in many ways. However, there is a far greater selection of range cookers out there.

Top 3 Reasons To Consider An Induction Range

  1. Energy efficient with less heat wasted during cooking,
  2. Easy to clean, with wipeable surfaces,
  3. A focus on a safe design,

How Much Does A Range Cooker Cost

The price of an induction range cooker can vary a lot. A typical low end price is around £500 and a high end design will set you back many thousands of pounds. These cookers are excellent at their job and the cooking is at the highest efficiency possible. These will be suitable for the serious home cook or a luxury designed home kitchen.

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