Induction Pots 

There are a range of induction pots out there and these pots come in a range of sizes including:

  • A small pot for boiling new potatoes or heating a sauce for a dish,
  • A much larger tall pot for making a batch of stock,
  • A large range of sizes inbetween these two.

How To Choose A Suitable Induction Pot

Your choice of induction pot will depend on what you will be cooking and needs to be carefully considered.  In addition, for the home kitchen the selection of pots in a pot and pan set will be good.

And also if you are planning on cooking your own stocks in large batches a suitable induction cooktop and pot needs to be considered. Although, this style of cooking will happen mostly in professional kitchens.

Safety Tips When Using Heavy Pots

When you use large pots for stocks, the pot will be very heavy. In this situation always use a kitchen cloth to move the pot. And also, when its heavy ask a friend to help you move the pot. Moving heavy pots can cause very nasty kitchen injuries.

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