The Induction Pan Set

How to go about choosing an induction pan set for your kitchen in a couple of steps. Firstly, the pans you choose need to be suitable for induction cooking. They need to have a magnetic base to be able to work on the cooktops. Make sure the pan set has induction suitable in the specification.

Once you have your portable or fixed induction cooktop. Choose pans and pots that fit the size of the induction hob.

How Many Induction Pans Make Up An Induction Set

The pot and pan set specifications will vary. Some sets will have a range of 4 cooking pots and pans and others can have 10 or more. Choosing the set that suits your cooking, needs to be carefully considered.

Induction pan sets will include a small pan, medium pan, frying pan and a range of other sizes depending on the choice.

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