Getting To Know Induction Cookware

Induction cookware is essential to many professional UK chefs. In addition cooking with induction is a brilliant method that is used by home cooks to produce master dishes.

The Main Types Of Induction Cookware

What you will need to start induction cooking.

  1. An induction cooktop, either portable or a fixed stove.
  2. An induction pan and pot.
  3. The pans or pots need to fit well on the cooktop.

The key points to look for in induction pots and pans are a flat bottom. And also this means the cooking vessel will sit correctly on the stove. The pots and pans will also need to be made of a specific material.

To check the cooking pot is suitable place a small magnet to the base of the pot and if it sticks it is good to go.

The Fixed Cooktops With A larger Range Of Hobs

These cooktops will be found in many modern kitchens at home and in professional workplaces. And also many cooks prefer this method and needs to be considered when choosing your cooking equipment.

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