Best Induction Cooktop

In this catergory i will be recomending what i have found to be the best induction cooktop.
There are a number of reasons i consider an induction cooktop ‘the best’ these include:

1. They are easy to use.

The cooktops dont have an over complicated settings function. For example some induction cooktops are really good to use. However, they take a bit of getting used to. These are great for pro chefs who are using these stoves everyday. The at home cook may find it easier with simple yet efficient controls.

2.  Durable

I have found  some of the cooktops are stronger than others. If a dropped pan can crack the stove fairly easily its not great. If this happens at work then its not a massive issue as there are procedures inplace to cover this. For a cook at home durability is eesential.

A Quick Note On Cooktop Durability

The induction cooktops are generally a strong tool to use. Some do fair better when a pan is accidently dropped on the surface.

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