Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Burner

Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Burner

Induction cooktops are relatively new when it comes to cooking. For many years we have been using a gas burner or the electric coil top method.  In the professional kitchens we are moving away from gas ovens to electric, these give a much more consistent heating and timings. The same thing is happening with the gas burners in kitchens all over the UK.

The idea is that heat is produced it is directed to the liquid or food in the pan and the food is heated. Chefs have found it easy to convert from gas ovens to electric ovens, however it is not been the same for cooktops. Until recently!

The induction cooktops are being used by cooks at home and chefs in more and more kitchens. The new technology of induction cooking is faster and much more efficient than electric or gas cooktops.

Why Is The Induction Cooktop Faster Than A Gas Burner

This is due to the heat being directly placed into the pan or pot using magnets. When you are deciding on a new cooktop many people are raving about induction. They are more accurate they have more power which makes them faster. And notably much safer than a naked gas burner flame.

Testing Boiling Water With A Induction Cooktop And A Gas Burner

I have worked with both induction and gas burner cooking. Personally I like to use gas for some jobs and induction is far better for other jobs. To prove the speed of an induction cooktop competing against a gas burner there is a video below for you to watch.

The Test Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Burner

  • Two cups of water, one being heated up by gas and the second being heated by induction. The water is being boiled in the same style pan.  The water is exactly the same temperature and from the same tap.
  • Both of the cooktops are put on full power. The induction burner makes a slight hissing noise when it is on full power.
  • So the induction pan of water is on hard boil after 2 minutes only. The gas burner is starting to boil at 3 minutes and comes to a full rolling boil at 6 minutes.

Safety Of The Induction Cooktop Vs Gas Burner

A key point here, the induction cooktop remains slightly warm but not hot with excellent efficiency. Where as the gas burner is red hot and has lost a lot of energy.

Does An Induction Cooktop Need Secialised Equipment?

This is not totally true, any pot or pan that is magnetic and has a flat bottom can be used on an induction cooktop. So, any aluminium or copper cooking equipment will not work on induction. A gas burner will be able to use any type of metal.


Choosing an induction cooktop or a gas cooktop is going to need some careful thaught. The induction cooktop has advantages over the gas burner including speed and safety. However, you may like the feel of gas cooking!! At home the induction can be a good option, in the professional kitchens some chefs will only use gas…. for now!!